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We'll Create One That Does.
Systems Integration

We Don't Just Train Our Team On New Systems.

We Train Your Teams, Too.
Onboarding Process

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Real-Time Reporting Tool

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Data Management

We don’t just have the technical know-how. We have the personal can-do.

RSVP provides a host of technical solutions, ranging from integrated WMS and CRM tools, to custom developed software, web applications and mobile apps. Our capabilities include small integrations as well as custom, feature-rich e-commerce solutions with demanding business rules and authorization levels. Let us help you create solutions that can increase the productivity of your staff by eliminating redundant tasks and reducing labor costs, while improving quality and data reliability.
Our developers are experienced, seasoned professionals with innovative ideas to keep you on pace with your competition. We have exposure to a variety of industries – from retail business models to manufacturing and mass distribution. You can benefit from our experience for "how business gets done!"

Available Development Features at a Glance:

  • Widely adopted technologies, such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML5 and jQuery
  • Systems Integrating and Automating
  • Hosting
  • Web services and API engagement
  • FTP and secure FTP (sftp) file transfer
  • E-Commerce-Solutions, including Payment Gateway and Authorizations
  • CRM Integrations or Custom Tools
  • Data Mangement
  • Responsive Sites
  • Real Time Data Transfer and Reporting
  • Web Forms/Data Collection
  • Surveys and Test Administration/Scoring
  • Custom Software Development
  • Administrative access to user tools via secure portal

Systems Integration

Applications Built for YOUR Needs. Already heavily invested in a hefty CRM tool? No problem. Our team of integration specialists can provide affordable solutions for extracting data from your system -- and also feeding important data back -- for full transparency among all user groups. Already have a robust shopping cart and customer facing website? Perfect. We’ll retrieve order data, process the fulfillment and export shipping information back real time. Or maybe you need a completely new application, from the user interface all the way through fulfillment and reporting. We can do that too! Let us brainstorm the objectives and challenges with you to customize a user-friendly solution to get you where you need to be!
We won’t recommend reinventing the wheel if there are systems in place that are effective. We can take advantage of what you have in place that DOES work. We’ll create system add-ons or integrated services that work to compliment what you’ve already invested in -- to make it an even more useful tool.
The beauty of the technology team at RSVP is that we’re nimble and able to respond quickly to develop your business solutions. Our developers are in-house employees, providing FAST, reliable service and clear communication. We are committed to keeping your project organized, on time and on budget!
Let our experienced integration specialists work with your IT staff and partners to accomplish a seamless integration. We want to grow with you! Call us today to discover how our state-of-the art technology can take your company to the next level.

Onboarding Process

Before We Launch, You Learn. After we complete the technical and functional spec writing to get a new system developed, the next step is to make sure all users are trained and ready to utilize it. Via webinars, video conferences and face-to-face seminars, we make sure our team and your team clearly understand the objectives, features and intricacies of the new application. These live and interactive sessions ensure a thorough understanding for all users and your ultimate success.

Real-Time Reporting

You Can't Manage What you Can't Measure. Never underestimate the importance of good data. You need reporting tools you can count on for critical information, such as on-hand inventory, item usage and order or call volume. From the analytical to the abstract, RSVP understands that you need meaningful and measurable information to manage your business. We provide easy-to-use reporting tools, updated throughout the day for timely statistics and activity.
User friendly, online reports allow you instant access to a variety of data points and can be exported to downloadable formats. The most common reports are readily available and our data experts are happy to work with you to create custom reports to further analyze your data.
In addition to our online tools, you will also receive monthly summary reports via email. These emails will include stock notifications for actionable items, such as reorder notices, order limits or requests requiring approval.
Our real-time processes can feed your business intelligence system with data from Web services, EDI documents, XML messages, flat files, and almost any other document format.
Our team of experts will work with you to develop a reporting system that works best for you.

Database Management

A Moving Target We Can Hit. Relevant, accurate data is core to any successful business.   And it is simultaneously one of the most difficult challenges for companies of every size.  People move, change jobs, switch email providers, get married – the list of reasons why a database is incorrect is endless.  That’s why it’s so important to have experts managing yours. At RSVP, we understand that you need to talk to your customers differently than you do your prospects;  that it’s embarrassing and costly to send one person 3 pieces of mail because your data isn’t formatted and deduped; that undeliverable mail can cost you a sale.  We know you don’t want typos compromising the quality image your company is trying to maintain.
We can help with the design and structure of your database, or take an existing database and apply the preventative list maintenance necessary to ensure the hygiene of your data is reliable, analyst-ready and an effective sales tool.

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