Let Us Be The Voice
For Your Company.

Our Contact Center is more than a group of people answering phones and making outbound calls... a lot more!
We know it’s hard to entrust your customers to an outside partner. "How can they know our products as well as our sales people? Will they handle our customers with the same care and attention we would?"
At RSVP, we work hard to become an extension of your marketing team. We are product-specific trained by our clients on all aspects of your products and how you want us to handle your customers. In addition, our Contact Center representatives are professionally trained in customer care, crucial conversations, lead nurturing, and even the cultural intricacies of the clients we represent.
Our custom-designed CRM tools allow for accurate information gathering and dispersing, tracking the data history of the caller, call monitoring/recording, case escalation and resolution handling. We are proficient in lead qualifying and appointment setting, order taking and customer service. You can rest assured these friendly voices will leave a lasting, positive impression on your customers that will translate into long-term loyalty that will directly impact your bottom line.
When your needs turn to outsourcing any of the below listed Contact Center services. It is our hope you will turn to RSVP.

Inbound Outbound Calling

Whether you need research, sales, appointment setting or other needs, our Contact Center Representatives will represent your company seamlessly to achieve your pre-determined goals. Calls are carefully timed based on the intended recipient. Our team of professionals is ready to help you solidify your relationships and earn more loyal customers -- because loyal customers are the key to your company’s success.

  • Professional, well-trained Customer Service Reps
  • Multi-lingual representatives available
  • A dedicated team, all specifically trained to understand your brand, your products, your culture
  • Contact Center Team members average over 10 years experience
  • Live operators available Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. and Saturday, 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. EST
  • Customized Contact Center services
  • Lead Nurturing, customer care and retention
  • Lead prospecting and qualification
  • Technical assistance, including after sales service and support
  • Order taking, including payment processing
  • Surveys / Market Research
  • Programming, hosting and maintenance of web form pages
  • 24-48 hour lead processing
  • Order taking (including payment processing while online)
  • Receipt and fulfillment of requests for information, literature, samples, or products
  • Customer Service
  • Technical assistance
  • Appointment setting
  • After-sales service/support
  • Reservations & ticket sales
  • Conducting customer sentiment surveys
  • Customer service resolution/follow up
  • Returns processing
  • Dealer and product locate programs
  • Dealer or sales rep referral
  • Customer win back campaigns
  • Event coordination support
  • Database updates and contact verification

Lead Nurturing

A good lead is worth its weight in gold. That’s why we take the business of lead nurturing so seriously. When a customer entrusts us with a lead – whether it’s cool, warm or hot – we make 100% sure every contact, every transaction, every appointment scheduled is accomplished with the utmost efficiency, accuracy and most importantly completed with a positive can-do attitude. Our goal is to take your lead and build on it at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We listen to what your customers desire and give them everything we can to steer them towards your ultimate goal: A quality customer experience.

From our initial point of contact we:

  • Track leads until we can release highly qualified prospects, based on your pre-determined criteria, to the appropriate sales representatives.
  • Help you classify each lead based on where they are in the lead funnel.
  • Cutting edge order processing software
  • Respond with appropriate emails, fulfillment packets and value- added content based on where they are in the buying process.
  • Provide online applications so the representative can close the loop and update status. And we can receive sales data to show conversion.
  • Have up-to-the-minute progress reports available 24/7 via an online portal.
  • Hosting and maintenance of website order pages
  • Integrated warehouse management (receipt of order data from your website shopping cart)
  • Online access to real-time reports

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